President’s Message

The company’s vision is to be “The Best Community Bank” by providing exceptional customer service. You have heard on many occasions that we bankers strive to be trusted financial consultants. The one sure-fire way of developing long-term relationships is to master the ability to earn the trust and confidence of our clients – to become their trusted financial consultants. Ultimately, this will help us meet our vision of being “The Best Community Bank.”

The term trusted financial consultant is not just a title; rather, it epitomizes the deep relationship a professional builds with a client over an extended period of time, perhaps a lifetime. It requires a fair amount of independence on the part of the consultant in order to serve a client’s needs above anyone else’s, including the consultant’s own. The responsibilities that come with this relationship are significant. Carrying out these
responsibilities with professionalism and integrity is the foundation from which they offer financial and strategic solutions to their clients.

There are many traits our clients look for when seeking out a consultant. The following are six key questions they are likely to ask themselves:
1) Does my consultant help me see things from a fresh perspective?
2) Does my consultant help me think things through and ultimately let me make the decision?
3) Does my consultant help me separate logic from emotion?
4) Does my consultant tell me the unvarnished truth?
5) Is my consultant committed to me and my business for the long haul?
6) Does my consultant understand my business goals, make insightful recommendations and give me viable options to choose from?

It is at the moment when a client finally realizes he/she can rely on you to deliver on these six points that you truly become a valuable business resource – someone with whom deeper financial issues and problems can be shared; issues and problems beyond those typically shared in a product- or service-based professional relationship. We certainly hope that you think of a Chemical banker when considering these six points.

Please feel free to contact me at any time via email at or call me at 269.934.1034.

Len Amat
Regional President