Summer 2012

Community Spotlight

Chemical Bankers will be out and about in our local communities this summer. Here are just a few events you may see them! Read More

5 Ways To Save Money At the Pump

Gas prices getting you down? If you’re stuck filling your tank no matter the price, you can still soften the blow to your wallet by getting the most mileage possible out of the dollars you spend at the pump. Read More

5 Tips To Trim Travel Costs

Do you enjoy a trip more when you don’t have to pay an outrageous price to get there? Try these tips to cut costs before you reserve your flight, hotel room or rental car. Read More

Little Advice. Big Return.

Who needs a financial advisor? If you have ever asked yourself that question, the answer is probably you! Financial advisors are not just for people with lots of money, they are for everyone. Read More

The Personal and Financial Benefits of Sprucing Up Your Home

If you’ve been thinking about giving your home some updates – and many homeowners who are opting to stay in their current homes are – now may be a good time to move forward on home improvement projects. Read More

Credit Cards

Your Chemical Bank credit card offers speed, simplicity and safety. Read More