Do Not Fall Victim to a Tech Support Scam

There is one scam that has become increasingly popular recently that involves being contacted about an alleged virus or other problem with your computer.

In this scam, a caller identifies themselves as an employee of a well-known tech company and says that a problem has been detected on your computer. When you provide the information to the caller, they charge the fee, and may gain access to the personal information stored on your computer.

This particular scam often involves a phone call, an email or other online messages. Here are ways that you can protect yourself against potential scams:

  • Legitimate companies should not contact you. Contact a reputable company directly through a legitimate phone number you find in a phone book or on the company’s website.
  • Do not allow remote access to your computer unless you initiated the call to a reputable company.
  • Sensitive financial information should never be given over the phone.
  • When making payments over the Internet, use a credit card to increase your ability to dispute fraudulent charges.

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