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4 Reasons Millennials Should Be Investing In Stocks

In a recent survey, only 26 percent of adults under 30 years old confirmed owning stocks. The most commonly cited reasons were limited funds, a lack of information on the topic and distrust for stockbrokers. Given the recent recession spanning much of this generation’s formative investment years, it’s not very surprising they aren’t chomping at the bit to rely on the stock market for their futures.
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HSA: Another Way to Save for Health Care Costs

Did you know that a health savings account (HSA) can help you save for medical expenses with tax advantages much like an IRA?
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Spring Cleaning Your Financial House

Spring is right around the corner and you know what that means: spring cleaning.
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What Does Your Credit Score Say About You?

Whether you are looking to buy a car, refinance a mortgage or rent an apartment for the first time, your credit score can tell a lot about your financial history.
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Who Is Your Beneficiary?

When was the last time you reviewed the beneficiary designations for your retirement accounts, annuities or life insurance policies? It is quite possible that those beneficiary forms contain outdated or incomplete information.
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New Name, Same Great Service

Chemical Bank Trust and Investment Management Services Now Chemical Bank Wealth Management

We are proud to formally announce our name change from Chemical Bank Trust and Investment Management Services to Chemical Bank Wealth Management. Over the last year, we have been transitioning our branding to reflect this exciting change.
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