Category: Home Ownership

Are You Ready to Buy A Home?

At Chemical Bank, we can help determine if you’re qualified to buy and how much you can afford.
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Mortgages: What’s the Right Move For Your Finances?

Working with someone who understands your goals and your financial situation will help you get into the right mortgage rate, term and payment option for you.
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What’s New for First-Time Homebuyers?

With the low interest rates and great deals to be had in the housing market, the mantra these days seems to be “now is the time to buy!” Here’s what you need to know before becoming a homeowner.
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Good News for Homebuyers

2011 Is Still A Good Time To Buy

Last year was a great time to buy a house – interest rates neared all-time lows and home prices just about everywhere had fallen from previous highs. These factors meant there were many great deals available in the real estate market.
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